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A Parisian Dream


First thing I did was call Antoinette (Christiana's cousin) for the much needed guidance on choosing the ring. After my research on clarity, stone sizes etc, I designed the perfect one. It took five weeks to arrive but gave me time to figure out how to actually propose. 

Two months later I decided Paris. I knew it had to be abroad and Paris is close enough for a weekend road trip. We also love the city so I knew she’d be up for it. After a ferry ride and 3+ hours on the motorway, we finally arrived to our Airbnb home in the heart of Place de Clichy. Christiana had the whole weekend itinerary set out, but of course I had other plans.


Finding a restaurant was tricky but I wanted views of the Eiffel. Before the trip I had asked a good friend from Paris, Thomas, about what possible restaurants to book. But being the friend that he is, he went one step further and actually arranged the booking for us! For this I'm so grateful, as whatever he said to them got us the best seats in the house! Upon arrival, our table was set up for us while a massive queue was formed out the door. The pressure from his point onward was unimaginable, but I stayed composed... 

Fast forward to >>>
Saturday 26th January 2019
20:30 Dinner @ Les Ombres 

Warmly welcomed with, “you have a great table tonight”, we’re escorted to our table. Chima’s being awkward about his jacket and doesn’t want to hang it up, then decides to. I’m already suspicious: fancy dinner, beautiful view and he’s wearing the Zara top I bought him for Christmas.. I mean if he doesn’t propose to me tonight I don’t know what he’s doing. 

He orders a rich Bordeaux, smells and sips; “perfect”. Earlier that day we went wine tasting so had to put our new acquired skills into action. First, starters..


21:00 and the Eiffel Tower’s twinkling. We have mains, we drink.. I’m nervous. He reassures me showing me his empty pockets. 

22:00 the Eiffel’s sparkling again. This is my photo opportunity and I wasn’t going to miss it! Maybe he’ll propose outside? Chima says “wait, let me get the bill and we’ll take photos”. Then our waiter excitedly walks over to us, video recording whilst holding a strange-looking bowl. Chima gets on one knee! He holds my hand - I don’t know where to look and can’t help but laugh. Sweet words flow and he asks, "Will you marry me?" I nod, and he whispers “say yes”. I say "YES!" 


We're engaged! 💍

We even managed to get some photos with the sparkling Eiffel!

Then he whisked me away into the night..

The Proposal: Our Story

The End

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